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Parry Minimalist Wallet

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Nut Brown

Our Parry Minimalist Bifold is the perfect combination between our Gannett and Elbert Wallets. The Parry allows the user to carry credit cards, cash and business cards while maintaining a sleek profile. Featuring a vertical orientation and four card slots- it is perfect for your everyday carry.

  • Carries between 4-12 cards.  
  • Includes 4 card slots
  • Bifold Design
  • Dimensions: 4x 3x .5 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great small wallet

Got rid of my thick trifold with a bunch of junk in it I didn't need. This one fits nicely into coat pockets or wherever really.

Taylor Wade
Great wallet for the minimalist

Love the leather color and quality of the wallet, and the capacity is perfect. I was concerned that the wallet wouldn't close but the leather wore just enough to make it close when laying flat and not over filled.

2 wishes - first I would like this to be just barely wider, maybe 1cm. The size of the wallet fits everything fine, but cash when folded in half just barely doesn't fit in the back flap section and gets curled in the middle fold - just barely.
Also, I wish one of the flaps had stitching halfway up so that you could keep mementos without them falling out. I have a very old Colorado coin that I've always kept in my wallet and now can't because it rolls out. This change would keep it minimalist and make room for things like this to be secured.

Overall would recommend, great quality and great looking.

Lane Tomme
Great wallet

Great quality and build