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All our leather is sourced directly from the Horween Tannery in Chicago, IL.


From full hide to final product, each leather good is handcrafted in our Laramie, WY workshop.


Crafted with age-old techniques, every product is guaranteed forever.

Meet the crafters

Check out our Youtube series interviewing the crafters that make each and every product.

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Our Culture

Our team often describes their favorite part of the job being able to make amazing product while hanging out with people they genuinely enjoy.

Prioritize Quality

Quality is at the core of what we offer and speaks for itself. This is reflected in materials, craftsmanship, and final product.

Amaze Every Customer

We aim for customer amazement, not just satisfaction. Exceeding expectations develops long-term loyalty.

Hone Our Craft

We're continually looking for ways to improve skills, processes, & structures. Staying sharp requires consistent refining.

Embrace Adventure

Adaptability is the expectation. Change should product excitement, not frustration. Flexibility is essential in a growing business.

Invest in People

Company growth goes hand in hand with individual growth, we look to create opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Operate with Character

We are defined by our integrity, selflessness, and humility. We keep our word, do the right thing, & count others more significant than ourselves.

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