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Our Leather

At Range Leather, every product we craft starts from the finest hides from Chicago based, Horween Leather Company. Horween has set the standard for the highest quality leathers since 1905. They offer a wide range of tannages and all of their leather is processed in Chicago, IL at their Elston and Ashland location. 

Horween Leather from Shinola on Vimeo.


Leather Care Tips

Tip #1 - Most scuffs and scratches can be rubbed away with your fingers due to the natural oils within the leather.  If your product has stuffs and scratches that are deep, hide rejuvenator or leather conditioner will do the job. We recommend Dr. Jackson's Hide Rejuvenator which and be found at any Tandy Leather store.

Tip #2 - If initially your wallet is stiff and pockets and openings are tight, please allow 2 weeks for the leather to break in to the proper fit.  Our products wear in, not out so we purposefully craft them to a size that allows them to break in and meet our specs.

Tip #3 - If your leather gets wet, simply wipe off as much moisture as you can and let it dry slowly.  We don't advise drying with a hair dryer, direct heater or fan because this can change the shape of the leather along with the chemical structure applied in tanning.  

Tip #4 - If your leather needs to be cleaned, simply wipe it off with a wet rag not adding any soaps or additional chemicals to the leather.

Tip #5 - If your leather gets too dry it can crack, this is similar to how your skin cracks when moisture and oils are removed.  To maintain the long life of your Range product, occasionally use hide rejuvenator or leather conditioners as they are needed.  Again, we recommend Dr. Jackson's Hide Rejuvenator.

Tip #6 - Leather stretches out, but not back.  If you start to overfill your wallet once it is broken in, the leather will never return to its original form. Learn to carry the right amount and you'll be fine!