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Safety Razor Case

Our Safety Razor Case is designed to fit any DE and SE Safety Razor with handles up to 4.25 inches in length and 17mm in diameter.  Perfect for travel and the ideal wet shave accessory. 

  • Fits up to 17mm diameter handle
  • Fits handles up to 4.25 inches in length
  • Protects Safety Razor from scratches
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Clint Ashmead
Simple, effective and unique

This piece of unique craftsmanship is made of the finest durable leather yet soft and supple. It’s simplicity and practicality is impressive. It goes with me when I travel coupled with the Dopp kit. What a great combination. I will never need to replace these as they are crafted to last more than a lifetime. -Makes for a great gift for any man that uses a traditional safety razor. If they respect the character of a safety razor then they will cherish the character of this piece.

Simple and Effective

I picked this up because I have never seen a good solution for transporting my safety razor with a blade in it. This was THE solution to that problem. It is simple and effective. I slide my razor in, close the flap and my razor cannot cut anything in my bag because it is protected by thick, beautiful leather. I have noticed that the razor blade has made small cuts into the leather inside the case, but it IS razor sharp, so that is to be expected!

Not only is it an effective solution, it is a beautiful one too. It looks nice sitting in my shaving kit or my toiletries bag.